Cutting-edge PPE at an Affordable Price

You should not have to break the bank in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a global pandemic. Wearing a face mask or neck gaiter has been proven as a valuable step to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, but not all masks are created equal.

In order to minimize your risk, you want the best mask for COVID-19 protection. You want cutting-edge personal protective equipment (PPE) at an affordable price. The Medicevo Graphene Face Mask is the best face mask solution on the market, whether you need it for a full day at work or a quick trip to the grocery store.

Graphene masks, like Medicevo’s, are the best non-surgical mask available to the public. Our specially engineered masks utilize graphene technology to slice open coronavirus particles. Medicevo Graphene Masks operate like a thorny rosebush through which coronavirus, in the form of a water balloon, is thrown. As the ‘water balloon’ passes through the rosebush, its thorns cut into the water balloons – spilling out the water and rendering them useless. The masks’ graphene netting slices through the virus, eradicating the germs as quickly as possible. Graphene as a material is both light and strong, giving you a mask that protects both your health and your comfort.

Cloth masks or neck gaiters, in comparison, offer much less protection against viral and airborne diseases like COVID-19. Cloth masks “catch” some particles on the surface of the mask but are not advanced enough to prevent the tiniest of particles from passing through to the wearer's nose and mouth. Instead of eliminating these particles like our graphene netting does, germs will stick to the surface of cloth masks.

When wearers touch their mask with their hands or fail to clean their masks properly and often enough, the virus still has a risk of surface-to-human transmission. This same issue is also seen with N95 masks. While N95 masks offer better protection from human-to-human transmission than cloth masks, they still fail to kill the virus like Medicevo Graphene Masks are able to.

Medicevo Graphene Face Masks also provide the best cost value for mask buyers. Graphene is a very expensive material normally, with most high-tech masks costing between $20 to $30 each.

Medicevo's patented technology implants the graphene onto the fabric of the mask directly, allowing us to reduce our mask’s cost. Our state-of-the-art production method enables us to distribute these masks in the United States and Canada.

The Medicevo Graphene Face Mask is available in packs of five masks for $39.95. That comes out to just under $8 per mask, with three sizes available for children 7-12, average-sized adults, and larger adults. For bulk orders over 600 masks, we offer a further discount.

There are face covering options costing less than Medicevo’s, but using a cheaper option means less reusability, comfort, and effectiveness in protecting against COVID-19.

Disposable face masks should be thrown out after wearing and lose their effectiveness after every single use. N95 face masks, while preventing wearers from inhaling COVID-19 particles, still allow the virus to remain active on the outside of the mask. This means N95 face masks must go through a multi-step sterilization process every single they are worn and should be replaced after extended use. In comparison, Medicevo’s reusable face masks can be worn repeatedly for up to 15 days, making them more environmentally friendly than other options.

Many commonly used masks are not anti-bacterial; they pose higher risks of catching coronavirus for users who touch contaminated mask surfaces with their hands or fail to clean them properly or often enough. Our masks provide a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 98% - higher than N95 face masks, let alone cloth or homemade masks.

Because our high-tech graphene masks kill coronavirus particles, instead of simply catching them, they do not need to be washed or disposed of after every use. Being the best masks for COVID-19 protection and reducing the spread of COVID-19 through surfaces is an advantage enough. Saving users time originally spent washing and drying face masks is just another benefit.

Medicevo also offers the most comfortable face masks available on the market. Our cutting-edge, breathable 3D design features four mask layers of coronavirus protection. The inner-most lining is constructed of honeycomb-woven fabric that stretches comfortably over the wearer’s nose and mouth to ensure a complete fit.

Our mask design also features adjustable ear loops and a chain wrap. This wrap creates an airtight seal over your face, which prevents your glasses or other eyewear from fogging up. Other, ill-fitting coronavirus face masks may fit much looser and be even less effective in protecting both the wearer and others from the COVID-19.

The mask’s carefully constructed melt-blown cloth layer filters out particles less than 0.3 microns in size. Each mask is also made of antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials. This prevents dust, pollen, and other airborne particles from sticking to the mask. This means a better airflow for wearers, and less trouble breathing when compared to masks made of paper, cloth, or lesser materials.

Medicevo's Graphene Masks’ advanced technology has additional benefits beyond protecting you from COVID-19. The antibacterial material of the masks is also scientifically proven to kill other types of infectious diseases and bacteria for complete disease control and prevention. This is critical to preventing and controlling the spread of the seasonal flu and other virally transmitted diseases. When combined with washing your hands, social distancing, and other prevention measures, these masks can dramatically decrease the spread and transmission of contagious diseases.

Medicevo is also dedicated to creating rapid and sustainable supplies of personal protective equipment. This includes surgical masks and respirators, face shields, gloves, protective eyewear, coverall suits, and show coverings of specialized materials. The Medicevo Graphene Face Mask is just one of many cutting-edge, high-tech products keeping medical professionals and health care workers on the front line safe during this global pandemic.

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