Face Masks Go High Tech

Coronavirus has become the prime focus of our lives these past few months. While COVID-19 has symptoms similar to the flu and the common cold, including fatigue, nausea, cough, and trouble breathing, coronavirus spreads more quickly and people are contagious longer before showing symptoms. It is also proven to be more deadly, having already resulted in more than 215,000 deaths according to the Centers to Disease Control (CDC) in the United States alone. COVID is most frequently transmitted from person to person in small, cramped areas with many people and poor ventilation, such as airplanes, places of worship, stores, shopping malls, schools, and more. 

Leading medical manufacturers and technology leaders have been hard at work, creating new technology to combat the pandemic. Technology has been forced to evolve faster than ever to keep up with the new demands caused by COVID. Meetings have switched to Zoom calls, and Black Friday is going virtual, along with new medical breakthroughs as medical professionals and health care workers aim to defeat a completely new virus. 

Car manufacturers have built over 94,000 ventilators, while Pfizer has just announce it has created a vaccine that is over 90% effective. It is clear the community is working hard to help end the pandemic. This innovation and growth in technology to help fight the pandemic, has also spread to PPE -- with advancements in technology being made in masks to protect users from the virus and other diseases.

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been working to increase the practice of healthy hygiene habits to slow the spread, including practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing face masks. According to Reuters, a study found that New York’s infection rates fell every day after the mask mandate went into effect. While masks feel simple in the grand scheme of COVID, these pieces of fabrics are likely responsible for stopping thousands of COVID cases and potentially saving hundreds of lives.

It is important to remember that masks are a vital component, just as ventilators and vaccines are, in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has often stressed the importance of mask-wearing during the pandemic. He has stated, “universal wearing of masks is one of five or six things that are very important in preventing the upsurge in infection and in turning around the infections that we are seeing surge.”

However, some have questioned the effectiveness of face coverings, wondering what is the best mask for COVID, and fearing that a thin layer of cloth may not be enough to keep them safe from respiratory droplets carrying the virus. These concerns are valid, considering that not all masks work the same way, as they all provide different levels of safety for both the user and those around them. Researchers at Duke University found that cloth face masks such as bandanas or neck gaiters do not create an airtight skill and are less effective for disease control and prevention.

Masks like N95 work like a spider's web to protect the users with an inner electric static netting that attracts particles, like viruses, instead of letting them through the mask. While this technology helps stop viruses from getting through, the virus remains active on the mask, making it unsuitable for reuse and must be adequately doffed to ensure it does not spread. In addition, many officials warn that while valves on the N95 make the masks better for the wearer, it increases the risk of exposure for those around the user since unfiltered droplets can travel through the small opening. Some cities, including San Francisco, have even gone as far as banned N95 masks with valves.

Thankfully, after months of research, medical manufacturer Medicevo has created reusable face mask using graphene technology, bridging the gap between the technological advances and mask-wearing, making masks that combine cutting edge technology with comfort to create the new gold standard in PPE for all. In fact, they might just be the best face masks on the market today.

A Medicevo Graphene Mask features an internal graphene netting that destroys virus particles, instead of merely catching them. The netting inside the mask is made of sharp edges that catch and “pop” the infectious particles. If N95 masks are like a spider's web, Medicevo Graphene Masks can be likened to a thorny rosebush, through which coronavirus, in the form of a water balloon, is thrown. As the ‘water balloon’ passes through the rosebush, its thorns cut into the water balloons – spilling out the water and rendering them useless. When the COVID particles burst, they become non-contagious, which means the mask is safer to remove and reuse.

Medicevo Graphene Masks feature four layers of protection for the wearer. The mask’s outer layer is made of high-quality antibacterial, non-woven fabric that has a strong air permeability, but isolates droplets and large particles. Next, the graphene layer and patented plating technology kills more than 99% of viruses and germs. The Medicevo Face Mask with Graphene Technology uses this technology to keep both the wearer and those around them safe.

The mask comfortably fits with adjustable ear loops and chain wrap, which creates an airtight seal. An added benefit: the air-seal tight fit means your glasses will not fog up as you wear it. 

The mask is also reusable for up to 15 days, which means the user does not have to wash the mask or use a new one after every use, making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

You can get Medicevo Face Mask with Graphene Technology directly from our website. The disposable face masks come in three sizes (small, medium, and large), which will allow for a proper fit. One box will cost 39.95, which includes a pack of 5. These coronavirus face masks can be used for up to 15 days.

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