Medicevo Graphene Face Masks: The Best Masks for Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to dramatic changes in how Americans go about their daily lives. Face masks are a staple of any trip outside your home, as face coverings have been proven to significantly reduce the transmission of coronavirus.

As schools, businesses, offices, and other parts of society reopen, most are requiring people to wear masks at all times indoors. While staying at home is the safest way to reduce risk of transmission, people still need and want to go out and participate in activities while protecting their health. That’s why it has never been more important to have the best mask for COVID protection.

Medicevo Graphene Masks are the best face masks to buy for anyone going out in public. They offer an excellent combination of safety, comfort and cost that beats any other personal protective equipment on the market. They are the best non-surgical, reusable face masks for any activity.

Best Mask for Comfort

Some face masks can be uncomfortable to wear. They can be too loose and fall off your face easily or be made of a material that makes them absorb sweat and moisture, especially when exercising or in warmer temperatures. Many masks’ material can also make your face feel itchy and irritable, especially when worn for any extended period of time.

Medicevo’s Graphene Face Masks feature four layers of coronavirus protection, with the inner-most layer consisting of a skin-friendly inner lining with honeycomb-woven fabric stretching over the wearer’s nose and mouth to ensure a complete fit.

Each mask is also made of antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials. It is specially designed for comfort with adjustable ear loops and a chain wrap, which creates an airtight seal over the user’s nose and mouth. This airtight seal does not fog up the wearer’s glasses or other eyewear, an issue seen in many cloth face coverings and other masks.

The mask’s melt-blown cloth layer filters particles less than 0.3 microns in size, preventing dust and other particles from sticking. This allows the wearer to improve their airflow and breathe more easily.

Not everyone has the luxury of only needing to put on a mask for a brief shopping trip or for a few minutes when going on a walk. Today’s reality is that employees in the workplace, students, teachers, and millions of Americans must now spend many straight hours, if not entire days, wearing a mask. Our customers often tell us that our product is the most comfortable face mask they have worn. Many even forget they are wearing it sometimes because of its natural fit.

Our cutting-edge, breathable 3D design is why our Medicevo product is the best-fitting face mask to protect against COVID-19 available on the market. Our patented graphene technology even provides up to 99% protection from other airborne pollutants, including the seasonal flu, giving it extra value for defending wearers against a number of other airborne diseases.

Best Mask For COVID-19 Protection

It goes without saying that the Medicevo Graphene Face Mask’s biggest advantage is its innovation and effectiveness in preventing the transmission of the coronavirus when compared to cloth masks and even N95 respiratory masks.

While other masks “catch” particles before they reach the wearer, our graphene face masks destroy these same virus particles. Many commonly used masks are not antibacterial, so they pose higher risks of catching coronavirus for users who touch contaminated mask surfaces with their hands or fail to clean them properly or often enough. Thanks to the power of graphene technology, our antibacterial masks reduce the risk of both human-to-human and surface-to-human transmission.

Our masks provide a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 98% - higher than N95 masks. They feature four layers of protection against coronavirus. The outer layer isolates droplets and large particles, while a graphene layer kills more than 99% of viruses and germs. A melt-blown cloth layer filters out smaller particles, while a skin-facing inner lining is designed for comfort and breathability.

The masks are also scientifically proven to kill other infectious diseases and bacteria. This is critical to preventing and controlling the spread of the flu and other virally transmitted diseases. Additional prevention measures like hand-washing and social distancing are also important in stopping the spread and eventually flattening the curve of COVID-19 transmission.

Best Reusable Face Masks

Medicevo’s Graphene Face Masks are reusable for up to 15 days. This means there’s no need to waste your money on disposable face masks that must be thrown away after each use. Users will also save time by not having to wash the mask after every use, like they would when using a regular cloth face covering.

Our face mask’s graphene netting is woven into the mask’s cloth and is able to cut open and kill coronavirus articles. This makes graphene masks non-contagious. That is a huge advantage when compared to other masks that only catch infectious particles and bacteria and leave open the possibility of surface-to-human infection. The cleanliness of homemade and cloth face masks can be compromised quickly since they are only partial barriers against airborne particles, while Medicevo’s sharp netting slices right through the virus to neutralize it.

Most Cost-Efficient COVID-19 Face Masks for Sale

While graphene is a very expensive material, our patented technology plants the graphene onto fabric and allows us to offer our masks at a much lower price point than competitors. While most high-tech graphene masks cost between $20 to $30 each, our masks are available for purchase for less than $10 per mask.

This lower price point will allow more and more consumers to get their hands the best non-surgical mask on the market. Cost should not be a major concern when protecting the health of families and at-risk individuals in our communities. With three sizes for children and adults, Medicevo is the right option to protect you and your loved ones.

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