Why Graphene Masks may be our Ticket to Normalcy

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our society dramatically. Businesses and schools remain remote, travel is restricted, and other measures are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. Everyone is desperate for a way back to the way things were before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have found a path forward, of course -- and around the country, strides have been made to reduce transmission of coronavirus. As a society, we've adopted better hand-washing habits, have learned the importance of surface disinfection, and made not touching our faces more of a habit. Groceries are being disinfected as soon as we bring home our shopping from the market. Masks have also been key to our success. Face masks are critical in reducing the transmission of the coronavirus, but not all face coverings are created equal -- and one mask has emerged as the best mask for COVID. 

Enter the Medicevo Graphene Face Mask, the best non-surgical, reusable face mask to protect against COVID-19. Our high-tech mask uses graphene technology to kill coronavirus germs. While regular face coverings tackles coronavirus by serving as a shield for the germs to stick to, our patented graphene technology slices open coronavirus particles and eliminates them. It has been scientifically proven to not only kill COVID-19 particles, but also other types of infectious disease, like the seasonal flu as well -- a combination key for disease control and prevention.

Our graphene face mask keeps people safer than other masks are able to from the transmission of coronavirus, even when they can't socially distance. Our product has been tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials standard, the same test that masks must pass in order to be sold to hospitals and first responders. It keeps its wearers safe and comfortable, and can play a big role in allowing businesses, schools, and other parts of society to return to normal. Here’s why:

Stay Safe in Crowded Areas

You, like many people, may find yourself in situations where social distancing is impossible. Because the Medicevo Graphene Face Mask kills coronavirus particles, you can stay safer even in these crowded situations. The mask has four layers of protection: an outer layer with high-quality antibacterial non-woven fabric, a graphene layer killing over 99% of virus germs, a melt-blown cloth layer, and a skin-friendly inner layer that stretched comfortably. 

You can wear this mask with greater confidence in many scenarios: during your commute, while you are on the job, while you are at school, when you go to the doctor’s office or hospitals, or in any other situation where it is incredibly important to protect your health and wellness. We have masks fitted for children, as well as face masks for adults.

While densely packed situations should still be avoided if at all possible, our advanced graphene technology provides up to 99% protection from airborne pollutants. These graphene masks help you go to the places you want to go to, with a reduced fear of infection.

Travel with Confidence 

A major concern for many during the pandemic has been the ability to travel safely. Airplanes, buses trains, ride-shares, and other forms of public transportation pose an inherent chance of exposure, with many people coming into close contact with others outside of their household.

But with graphene masks, traveling becomes safer as the mask kills coronavirus particles. Family vacations, work-related travel, and anything else requiring you to move from Point A to Point B becomes less risky. While the risk of contracting coronavirus still poses a legitimate health and safety concern to all, high-tech and safe masks aim to provide an added layer of protection so people can feel more confident to travel to where they need to go. 

The Most Comfortable Face Masks Around

Regular cloth coronavirus face masks are difficult to wear them for a long period of time: they itch, they are stuffy, and they often fit poorly and fall down your face in a matter of minutes. 

We've solved those issues. The Medicevo Graphene Face Mask uses a breathable 3D design using super-soft fabric and has an organic lining inside the mask that makes for easy and comfortable wear. It has a chin wrap to ensure it fits securely, soft-fitting ear loops, and can be worn without fogging up your glasses.

The mask is perfect for essential workers, students, and those who must steadily wear their masks all day or for a significant amount of time. Our customers often tell us about how they forget they are even wearing a mask.

Businesses Can Open Up and Events Can Resume, Safely

Many non-essential businesses and services remain closed, but the technology of graphene face masks makes the potential of re-opening possible and safer. Medicevo masks significantly reduce transmission risk both inside and outdoors and are the best mask options on the market – making them game changers for businesses and events that are considered 'high-risk'.

Concerts, sporting events, conventions and theme parks have begun welcoming people back at limited capacities, and advancements in mask technology will allow them to open their doors even wider and accelerate the economy's road to recovery.

Reducing the transmission of coronavirus will have an incredibly positive ripple effect: businesses can reopen, employees will be able to get their jobs back, and people will be able to partially return to their pre-pandemic lifestyles. Face masks that reduce transmissions risk of coronavirus will allow people to feel safe as they return to school or work, go out in public, socialize with their family and friends, and finally resume doing the things and going to the places they love.

Cutting-Edge Technology at An Affordable Price

Our masks costs less than $10 each. That's because our patented technology is able to plant graphene on fabric in a much more cost-effective way than competing graphene masks. High-tech graphene masks usually cost between $20 and $30 each, but Medicevo is proud to offer consumers a cost-effective option that allows everyone to stay safe at a lower cost. Our masks are also reusable for up to 15 days, a major upgrade from cheaper, disposable face masks that lose their effectiveness after only a couple uses at best. 

Up until now it has been difficult to find a reusable, cost-effective masks that is also affordable. Now, you have the best face mask option offering a comfortable, stylish, and affordable way to not just stop, but kill bacteria and viruses. You shouldn't have to break the bank to protect your health and wellness.

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